MDabroad + MD Capital Solutions

With the launching of its new site,,  we have concluded the final steps towards a truly groundbreaking approach to meeting the needs of both medical providers and payers in the Healthcare Industry.
Headquartered in Florida, MD Capital Solutions is a newly created company and affiliate of, established to expand its existing claims funding program and provide financing solutions to the healthcare industry through designing and facilitating flexible offerings to meet cash and technology needs.
In order to continue to meet the healthcare industry’s challenges, and always keeping in mind our core mission to bridge cultural gaps and streamline processes between all stakeholders involved, MD Capital Solutions allows fast access to:

  • Working Capital
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Provider & Practice Acquisition
  • Debt Consolidation

Executive Management

  • Scott J. Rosen – President
  • Ignacio Marquez – Director
  • Peter Cejas – Managing Director
  • Stephen Rubin – Managing Director, General Counsel

Our executive team includes a renowned group of unparalleled leaders in the healthcare industry, with years of experience in investment management, cross border transactions, international corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, general corporate law and technology law, as well as first-hand knowledge of its network of medical providers in the Americas, traveler’s assistance worldwide, HIPAA compliance, cost containment, case management, among all those necessary capabilities to provide innovative and  customized financing solutions.

We are now open for business, contact us through our website.